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"Having heard all this, you may choose to look the other way...

but you can never again say

that you did not know!"

         William Wilberforce

packing a 
Help a Survivor of Commercial Sexual Exploitation!
Pack a bag of essential items!

4:one has partnered with Defend Dignity to help supply First Response bags

which provide a survivor with essential items as they exit their exploitation.

These bags are made possible by the generous donation of those in the Halton community, primarily from a wide array of Halton area churches.

These bags are kept at SAVIS of Halton and made available to service providers from all agencies connected to the Halton Collaborative against Human Trafficking.

Please contact if you would like more info about packing a bag.

Please read below to see what goes into a bag:


                          More important info

                             about packing a

                          First Response bag:


Thank you so much for your interest in packing a First Response bag for a survivor of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. Your contribution will provide comfort and dignity to survivors when they are exiting. Being able to take a shower and put on clean pajamas and curl up with a warm blanket goes a long way in helping a survivor know they are valuable and cared about. These bags are so meaningful to the survivors we support; many of them have said they are ‘blown away’ by the thought that someone out there cared enough to gift them with these brand new items.

You truly make a difference!

  • In order to keep the cost to $250 or less - it is important to do as much of the shopping at Dollerama as possible, and then the rest can be done at other places like Walmart/ Costco.  The Chatr phone cards are sometimes found at Walmart, but are usually in stock at Shoppers. Make sure you include the pin receipt.

  • Here is what you can buy at the dollar store - journal and pen, bar of soap or bottle of body wash, deodorant, brush and comb, body lotion (sometimes), ponytail elastics, shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, disposable razors, toiletry bag, facecloth, warm socks, slippers (sometimes), flip flops or gloves, mirror, bar of chocolate. Please buy good name brands for the toiletry items.

  • This leaves the rest of the items - Chatr Phone card (with pin), Walmart Gift card, plush blanket , feminine hygiene products, large bath towel, underwear, 2 piece pyjamas OR pj bottoms and t-shirt OR pair of yoga pants and big t-shirt

  • The bag itself must be a WINNERS/HOMESENSE large re-usable bag available for sale at the checkouts. Similar bags found at the dollar store are not big or sturdy enough. Please make sure they are not seasonal bags and don't have any words on them that could be inappropriate.

  • Make sure the bag has every item on the list in it including the gift cards, but nothing extra. Careful consideration has been given to what should and should not be included. Consistency in the bags is very important, as we want each survivor to receive the same items. If bags are donated with missing items, we need to purchase the missing items in order to give out the bag.

  • Think carefully about the message/appropriateness of the items you put in the bags making sure to avoid words on products like ‘sexy’, ‘flirty’ etc.

  • Please do not add any religious material. Anything extra added to the bags will be removed.

  • Full size, brand new items only please.

  • Please buy for one size of person. In other words - if you are buying size Large pyjama bottoms, make sure to buy a Large t- shirt to go with them, and also underwear size Large.

  • Please put the Walmart gift card and the Chatr gift card (with PIN - or else it can’t be used!) in an envelope (or our provided blank gift card if you have one) and mark the size on the outside of the envelope.

  • ITEMS for bags

    • $25 Chatr phone card (make sure to keep the PIN from the cashier)

    • $50 Walmart gift card

    • Bar of soap (and plastic soap holder), or bottle of body wash

    • Toiletry bag (only affordable place is Dollerama - they carry a transparent one with 2 makeup bags inside)

    • Toothbrush, toothpaste (and toothbrush holder)

    • Deodorant

    • Shampoo and conditioner (app 385 ml size)

    • Body lotion

    • Brush and comb-purse size please

    • Ponytail elastics

    • Mirror - purse size please

    • Pads and tampons

    • Disposable razors

    • 1 Large bath towel and at least 2 facecloths

    • Underwear (Hipster style please - set of 2 or 3)

    • Socks and slippers

    • Pyjamas - either set OR bottoms and t-shirt OR yoga pants and t-shirt (nothing

      skimpy or ‘sexy’ please)

    • Large soft, high quality plush blanket (at least 60 x 90- best place to buy is Costco)

    • Gloves or flip flops (depending on the season)

    • Journal and pen

    • Chocolate bar (100 g bar milk or dark chocolate)

    • Completed bags must be dropped off to 4:one.  Please call or text Jennifer Potter at 416-768-3927

  • These bags are made available to all agencies who support survivors of human trafficking, but in most cases they are handed out by the representative for Victim Services with the Halton Regional Police.

    Again, thank you so much for your generosity!                                                                                                         

What else can YOU do?
  • Educate yourself

  • Speak out and share what you have learned with everyone you know

  • Challenge the demand

  • Stand up against pornography

  • Teach the young men in your life the value of women as equals

  • Pay attention to the young women in your life and help build their self-esteem.  Push back their vulnerabilty!

  • Know what the red flags are that someone in your life may be being groomed for sex trafficking (see Indicators above)

  • Be aware of those around you in your city, and as you travel

  • Volunteer your time

  • DONATE to help those who are working to eradicate human trafficking

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